What’s the Res?

(E29) - What’s the Res - Adversity Scores: Invalidating the SAT? (Bonus)

May 16, 2019

Josh and Ethan explore the College Board's new Adversity Score system, and argue that it is an unjust system that compromises the objectivity of the SAT. They base their analysis on the Wall Street Journal's article (5/16) breaking the story, and focus on the many ways this adversity score system can be abused and how it harms students who have worked hard to demonstrate their academic prowess. By the end of the episode, Josh suggests boycotting the SAT and considering the Classic Learning Test as an alternative route. If you want to contact us about anything in the episode, or share your thoughts on this new College Board system, email us at whatstheres@gmail.com


Correction - In this episode, Josh stated that the ACT is owned by the College Board. That statement was incorrect, and this correction means the threat of a testing monopoly is less severe than the conclusion of this episode explains. Apologies.