What’s the Res?

What’s the Res - Summer 10 - Res: Religion does more Harm than Good (Sample of Premium Debates)

July 22, 2019

This episode is a sample of our Premium Debates - if you like it, check out https://whatstheres.podbean.com/premium for seven more debate episodes! Ethan has affirmative, and Josh takes negative on the resolution "Religion does more harm than good." Dr. Melissa Edwards gives her verdict at the end of the episode; we recorded this on her last day as administrator of our school, and the episode is dedicated to her. Once you've listened to the episode, click here to vote and let us know who you think won!

Be sure to check out https://whatstheres.podbean.com/premium for all of our Premium Debates! Gun reform, public education, Marvel vs. DC - we've got a lot of great topics! We will be releasing one debate and one analysis episode per month! Enjoy! https://whatstheres.podbean.com/premium