What’s the Res?

What’s the Res - Summer 4 - Christian Multiculturalism and International Refugees: A Conversation with Josh Davis

June 22, 2019

While traveling this summer, Josh Herring met Josh Davis, Executive Director of Proskuneo, a ministry focused on helping churches expand their outreach in multicultural and multilingual ways. In this episode, they discuss Clarkston, GA ("The most diverse square mile in the United States"), multiculturalism, and the way churches can come alongside international refugees to welcome them into the United States. Side note one - this episode is adjacent to a potential 2019-2020 PF resolution on international climate change refugees. Side note two - the day after recording, Josh Herring learned that as of 2016 the UN stated there were 21 million international refugees, rather than the 67 million number he cites in this interview. Enjoy!

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